Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Daddy and his girls

Daddy just got home from work and Jason was giving Lacey some much needed loving. Lacey,
Luke and Lydia have been sick for a few days now. It has been lots of fun. Hopefully they will start feeling better soon.

Lydia, Jason, and Lacey. Getting loves by daddy.


the DeCampos Family said...

Daddy time. They love it and we love it. Don't you wish there was more daddy time in our days???

Amy Amann said...

I love Daddy time because they love it and I love a little break. I hope they all feel better soon!

Kristy said...

that is too cute!!!

Julie Jan said...

I love the expression the boys get when Daddy comes home. It is the best. Also, Carter is so attached to me right now that that is the only time he is really excited to see Matt.