Thursday, July 5, 2007

Swimming in the pool

We stayed two nights at the Youngberg’s house. They have a beautiful pool. We all loved it!! Lydia loved it so much. We went swimming on Saturday night. At first, the kids were a little timid, but then the girls warmed up to it. Luke still was a little worried about the whole thing. Lydia and Lacey loved the rock waterside. They would go down all by themselves. They loved it so much we had to go in on Monday morning before we headed down to the beach. I think the girls are going to be our little fish. Maybe Luke will start to like the water soon. Lacey Loved the McDonalds cup she was holding in some of the pictures. Luke loved the fishing pole, that he thought was just great!!


Amy Amann said...

Wow, that was a really nice pool. Makes me want to go and jump in it. Glad to have friends who have pools so you can visit and swim!

Kayla Berrett said...

Kristin - you look so good in all of these pictures. We should really get together sometime.

Julie Jan said...

I agree with your do look great in all these pictures! The pool looks really nice. I love the life jackets the kids are wearing. I here it is very hot up there so it is always nice to cool off.

Emily said...

Kristin, I totally just cannot believe how TINY you are now! Everytime I see a picture of you I am just shocked. How much weight have you lost since you got married? WOW!

I am glad you guys had such a blast- it LOOKS like you had such a good time, I am so jealous!

I really wish I could come see you this year! If you have any weekend or week that looks good for a visit, let me know and I'll see if I can do it!

Love Em!

Farr Family said...

Your kids are getting so big!! I love the pool. It looks very nice and fun for all the kids!