Friday, July 17, 2009

More Joseph pictures

This is the first time that the other kids got to see their baby brother.

Cute Peterson 4-some
Our first family picture with 6 members
We are very glad to have Baby Joseph and our awesome mommy home with us.


Analeis Paul said...

I love your family. Kristin, you look great:)

Emily Heizer said...

You guys have such a great family! I love it! I love YOU! lol

I also find it hilarious that the baby is sort of smiling at Jason's Star Wars shirt in the last picture. Like father, like son, like brother! LOL

Lynnette said...

Kristin, you look like youg ot all dolled up to go have your baby! You look reallygood! Your little family is so cute. Congratulations again!!!

Chelsea said...

So dang cute! You guys have quite the fun little family. I hope y'all are getting excited for Halloween... it's just around the corner!

Kristy said...

Welcome home you guys!! Joseph is one cute little boy!! Kristin you look great. You guys all look so happy!! I love it!!

Linda said...