Monday, February 22, 2010

Rite Aid

I did great at Rite Aid this week!!! Here is what I got:
8 Johnson and Johnson Baby wash
1 bag of Valentine suckers
1 box of hello kitty valentines (for next year)
They had a sale on Johnson and Johnson baby products, if you bought one then the second one was .01 cent. I didn't think much about it last night and was not going to go to Rite aid this morning because I didn't have any money to spend. Nicole called me this morning and said told me about it, and said that I could get 2 bottles for .70 cents plus tax. So I thought about it, Nicole also had said that if I did 20 dollars worth that it would be so cheap. So I went. The valentines candy was 75% off so each bag was .74 cents. Each two bottles of baby wash was 4.70 here are the coupons I used:
1-$5 off of a $20 purchase
8- $1 off Johnson and Johnson baby wash
8- $1 off rite aid coupon on Johnson and Johnson baby wash

Guess what my grand total was: I spent a whopping .25 cents. That is right only .25 cents. I felt like I robbed the place on how good I did. I was so happy!!! Yeah for me. Thanks Nicole for some of the coupons and telling me about this!! We needed this!!


Linda said...

That is amazing!! Wow!

Emily Heizer said...

Holy cow! That is great! Good job! I am very impressed!
Did you know it was going to be that low or was it a surprise?

Liz said...

Wow! Great job! I'm surprised they let the overage cover the tax! Most stores won't let you do that!

Christina said...

Okay so now teach me!

Shauna said...

Wow! good for you! I love those kinda deals.

Joy Chantry said...

Way to go! Killer deal.