Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lydia's 5th Birthday

Lydia blowing her candles out at the party with the family. For some reason we only got pictures of her at the cake while they were singing to her. Bummer!

Lydia and her cupcake!
The girls and Luke playing and having a blast!!

Everyone!Beth getting her makeup done!
Lydia and Luke
Lydia and Lacey
Lydia and Nichole
Beth getting her nails Painted

Lydia and Gwen

Lydia had a great day for her Birthday. Jason had the day off work. We took her out to lunch at the Burger supreme. Lydia got to pick where we went. She said that she wanted a Burger, fries and a shake. Well she mostly just at the fries and the shake. This is the first time that Lydia has gotten her own meal, and she was in Heaven. The food was great, and Nan stopped bye while we were there. It was lots of fun. Lydia had two parties, one with her friends and one with our families. She had Beth, Nichole, Gwen(her Birthday buddy) Luke and Lacey. They had so much fun. They decorated Crowns, got there nails painted, got makeup on, danced, had cupcakes, and opened presents. They had tons of fun. Here are pictures of the Fun event. Beth was the first one to get her finger nails painted so for some reason we didn't get a picture of Lydia and Beth. Sad!! Because her fingers were drying.

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The Murray's said...

I love the cake and you make adorable kids!!! :)