Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentines Day

We had a great Valentines days!! Jason worked Friday so when he cam home I surprised him with Chocolate cover strawberries! They were great! He loved them, so I think that I will do them again!! On valentines morning, Jason surpised me with Breakfeast in bed!! OH it was great. He thought out everything. He went to the store after work and got everything for omlets. All kinds of toppings he had it. He made me this cute little meanu, that I could pick what I wanted on it. He severed it with fresh fruit. I didn't get a picture at the beginning, but here is what was left. On Saturday afternoon, Nan watched the kids so that we could go to lunch. (Thanks Nana for watching the kids) It was so fun, we went to Carabba's. We have never been there before, and it was awesome!! We share sirlion Marsarla!! It was so good!! Jason fell inlove with it, and was craving it for days. We had a strawberry lemonaide, oh it was so good!! We loved it and will going back for sure!!! We made cookies, and decoated them and passed some out to Karen, my parents and Brady and Kate. Jason really wanted them, so he made them with the kids and then the kids helped him decorate the cookies. Then to finish up the evening we wathced PS I love you. It was a little slow moving, but we liked it in the end.

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Anonymous said...

Kristin, I am jealous, I think your valentines was so great. I am so glad, I am proud of my son. What a guy. I love you both. I just think this blog of yours is making me hungry for chocolate strawberries, and valentine cookies. I wish I could just pig out on those type goodies. It is almost Easter, but that is what sounds good to me.