Sunday, March 28, 2010

Joseph on the Move

Joseph is always on the move!! He can go up the stairs and can come down them now! He rolled down the stairs a few times, but now can go down the few steps no problem! He loves his freedom!! Joseph is such a happy little guy! He can pull himself up and hold onto things. He likes to play with the big kids in the toy room. I know Joseph wants to be big so that he can play with them.

Joseph still only has two teeth! Hopefully he will get more soon. He loves to eat!! He is starting to eat more foods now that his mommy is letting him. He is happier now that he is eating more. He likes anything that you give him! Mommy is sad that Joseph is growing up so fast and wishes he would stay little. Jason on the other hand likes that he is starting to play with him and likes that he is getting bigger. Joseph is mostly wearing 12 months clothes now. The 6-9 month pants are too short. He is a tall boy!!

Joseph loves to put anything in his mouth he can find. I am trying to keep everything picked up but I fall short a lot!!

Joseph loves to be held and to give hugs on your shoulder. What a sweet boy. We sure love Joseph! We are so glad that he is apart of our family!!!


Shelly Beth said...

Wow, stairs! You are brave. I probably would have had them blocked. Just shows how big he is. I bet the example of his brother and sisters gives him the motivation to get goin and move everywhere. Two teeth!?! That is a lot compared to Aubree. Still no teeth. Isabelle didn't get them until after she turned 1, so I bet Aubree will be about the same. I wish we could get our kids together to play!

Emily Heizer Photography said...

And oh yeah I bet Jason is glad Joseph is growing up and eating big boy food! You've been hogging the baby ever since he was born! Let him puke on the rest of us for once! lol Just kidding :)

Emily Heizer Photography said...

"We sure love Joseph," hee hee that is funny. It sounds like it belongs in a kid's book! Awww

The top pic of Jason and joseph cracks me up. Just like a man's son... hangin' low in the carrier, one shoe on, one shoe and sock off, looking dishevled. lol lol lol