Thursday, September 24, 2009

Joseph two month check up

We have been super busy around here so I'm way behind!! On the 14th of September Joseph had his check up. Joseph was 2 months and 1 day. He weighed in at 13.01 at the 80%tile, what a big boy!! He is very tall! Yeah hopefully he will stay that way! He was 24.25 inches long and 90.14 %tile. My little Joseph has a smaller head. Oh well he is still cute. it is 15.75 inches and in the 50.82 %tile. While we were there he got his shot. Joseph was a little fussy that afternoon, but seem to be doing better the next day. WE sure do love him.
He is smiling alot more now! He sleeps through the night, He is pretty much happy all the time. He doesn't like to have a messy diaper and lets you know about it. He is starting to talk! he loves to suck on his hands! He growing so fast!! We love him so much!!