Sunday, December 9, 2007

Frosty the Snowman

Luke playing in the snow.
Lydia in a Skirt, becasue she always wants a skirt on.....

Lacey eating carmel Popcorn inside while the other kids play outside

Yesterday it snowed, not that much but the kids love the snow, well at least Luke and Lydia do. The kids went over to Grammy and Papa house so that Jason and I could get some work done around the house. Jason put up curtains up in Luke and Lacey room, and in Lydias room. They look so good!! I was working on some Christmas presents. It was nice to have them gone, and they loved playing with their cousins. Here is the snowman they made. Lydia said that his name is First name Frosty the snowman middle name Santa Clause and the last name BYU. What a name. Lydia is learning to spell her name so she is very intrested in names! Here is Frosty. We have so much more snow this morning. The kids are getting ready to go play in it. Hope they don't freeze.

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