Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chirstmas Day!!

Lacey is so cute in her new Dress up from her Aunt Amanda
Lydia is all dressed up from the dress up at Nana house.

Lydia in her new PJ with her new baby and the rocking horse

Christmas Morning at our house. This is our tree, and we love it so much. The kids got bikes from Santa this year. They can't wait to go outside and ride them, but it has been so cold. It was like 15 degrees yesterday. So they won't be going outside for a while, so now they ride them around the Kitchen and living room.
Luke was running and happy.

Lacey was running and happy.

Luke with both Spidermans that he got. He was in Heaven.
Lacey in the cute dress. I love her in it because i think it looks great next to her skin tones.

We had a great day. We had Christmas morning at our house then we had breakfast with the traditional casserole, pull a part, homemade OJ chocolate milk. It was so good! Then we were off to Jason parents house and opened presents and enjoyed there company. Then we headed to my Parents were we open more present then had family dinner then played ticket to ride. we had lots of fun. Even with Lydia and Luke sick. They loaded up on the Tylenol then they were fine. Although Lydia never felt great all day long, she was really pretty good. They had a long day, over all a few melt downs and lots of crying but made it through alive. We had lots of fun being with our family. Merry Christmas to all. Have a happy New year.


the DeCampos Family said...

That looked like a lot of fun. The girls' dresses look so cute. Sorry that the kiddos weren't feeling good. It makes it harder to enjoy the holiday. Hope they are feeling better. Happy New Year

Farr Family said...

I LOVE your Christmas tree room. Your tree looks beautiful. Looks like you guys had lots of fun!!!

CresceNet said...

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Hansen Fam said...

It was funner this year with the boys. They actually got excited. Looks like yours did too. Love all the pictures. Too bad they were sick. I still want to see more pictures of your house.

bechtold clan said...

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