Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Yesterday we had a very nice day. I made Jason breakfast in bed, and then we went to church. After Lunch we all took naps. The kids were so tired from staying up the night before they all fell asleep so fast!! Luke was so much happier after his naps. He had so many meltdowns before that. It was nice. We went to see my dad for a bit then headed over to the Peterson's for dinner. It was a great fathers Day! I love you Jason so much! You are a great dad to our kids!! I love my dad so much! He is so great with the Grandkids and helps us out alot. Thanks dad for all that you do!! I Love you!!


Linda said...

What a great day--Thanks for help making it special!

Amy said...

What is a skootie...did I spell that right and where do you buy it? Looks kind of cool!