Sunday, October 14, 2007

Halloween cupcakes

Lydia enjoying her cupcake.

Lacey is licking her lips, she is getting ready to eat and enjoy!!

On Friday we made Halloween cupcakes and gave them to the neighbors. The kids had fun helping me make and decorating the cupcakes. I think that they enjoyed eating them the most. They are ready to make more.


Wendi Christensen said...

urr kids are adorable!! looks like fun!

Kristy said... set such a good example. You always do fun things with your family, making fun memories for your kids. Your so cute. You just made me want to go home and make cupcakes for my neighbors. :0) I'd ask Belle to help me, but i know she would help me make the mess a little bit bigger. LOL. Maybe I'll wait till she is a little older. LOL.

the DeCampos Family said...

Dido on what Kristy said about doing fun stuff. Can you be my mommy!!! Those cupcakes sure look yummy too

Emily said...

This made me so hungry for cupcakes I drove out to Capital Cupcakes and bought 8! LOL

Amy Amann said...

Those cupcakes look so scrumdidilydicious. (I hope I spelled that right) Your kids are so cute eating them!

jbeany said...

Oh my goodness... have you really been married for 4 years already?! Your kids are ADORABLE!!!

Looks like you're doing well, I just found your blog and I have LOVED reading it!

love ya!


Hansen Fam said...

Kristin, you look so gorgeous in that picture of you. All your kids look so happy to be eating cupcakes. I love Halloween!