Sunday, July 27, 2008

2008 Peterson Family Reunion (by Jason)

I appologize that this is such a long post. We took close to 200 pictures, so I had a lot to choose from. Last week we had our annual Peterson family reunion. This reunion is my Grandma and Grandpa Peterson with their 5 boys and their families (4 generations of Petersons). These family reunions have always been one of the things that I have really looked forward to each and every year of my life; we always have so much fun! This year we went to my cousin Holly's in-laws' property down on the Sevier River near Yuba Lake (only an hour drive). Holly and her husband Matt had planned this year's reunion which they themed "A Celebration of Champions" and was kind of "Olympic-based". We all had so much fun riding four-wheelers, floating the river, and competing in competive events. Not to mention all the great food! Here are some pictures to show the kinds of fun things that we were able to do:

Luke was terrified of the four-wheelers at first - or maybe it's just Kristin's driving. He loved them after this first ride.

The girls were never terrified.
My cousin Jeff brought a canon that they used to launch candy into the air for the little kids to collect. The kids thought this was great of course. Here they are loading the canon:
Lacey harvesting the candy:
Lydia proudly showing off her stash of (slightly-singed-and-gunpowder-smelling) candy:
Amanda, Darik, Brady, and Kate talking about how cool the canon was and all the candy they got
Uncle Steve decided to join in on the second round of candy bombing
The kids enjoyed playing on this rock pile
Lacey Loves her twin brother:
She also loves her cousin Braden

Darik and Kayden were the color-guard for the opening ceremonies the first night Lydia and Morgan during the opening ceremony
We love camping!
Lydia riding her cousin Belle's barbie 4-wheeler
Uncle David had pancake duty
Lydia and Lindy being big-breakfast-helpers
Mommy taking a moment with the twins in the shade
The kids bummed 4-wheeler rides as often as they could. Here Lydia is riding with Lindy and Darik and the twins are riding with Amanda
Nana and Papa even got out for a ride or two
Brady was the most popular ride giver
We made rockets out of 2 liter bottles which we launched out in the field. Here is Brady and Kate's rocket which had a carefully concealed bomb hidden in the nose cone.

Here's Kristin's and my rocket which won the bronze for straightest flight: Kristin and Brady both participated in watermelon eating contests for our family. Here is Kristin competing with the women (oh yeah...She won!)
The finished product:
Brady competing against Barrett, Bryce, and Beau
Who needs a spa for a fancy facial?

Here's me shooting Pierre's 40 caliber handgun - fun! And here is Kristin getting ready to shoot it. Doesn't she look like she is enjoying it?
One of my favorite events was clay pigeon shooting with shotguns. Here are the first and second place winners. My dad took 2nd and Cody won (his first time ever shooting)
I hit my first 9 pigeons before missing one. I loved Grandpa Hal's shotgun!
Lydia, Lacy and Morgan giving Conner a push
Luke was so tired that He was falling asleep in his dinner, so we let him take a cat nap in the cabin.
Dad with his bags of goodies:
Brady and Darik won the horseshoe tossing competition:
The kids liked to climb up on the bunkbeds in the cabin
Tug of war. Our team came in last.
Luke and Lacey and the little kids took on some of the bigger kids. Any guesses which side won?
Yup, the one with Lydia
Kristin competed (and won) the swim relay with Kate, while I came in last in my first ever kayak race.
Darik and Jeff
Darik lauched Lindy while her dad watches on
A pinata for the kids - Yay more candy!

They liked taking turns hitting it.


Liz said...

Wow! Great pictures! Sounds like you guys had tons of fun!

Megan said...

That does look like a lot of fun. The next time we go out to Utah we are going to have to look you guys up because I think our girls will love each other. Do you talk to Christina ever???

Annie and Cody said...

Those pictures are great! Cody and I laughed and laughed at the last one of Lindy flying through the air! By the way...Good job Kristin on the swimming!

Kristy said...

The pic of Lindy flying is awesome!! The reunion was sooo much fun. Im glad Belle was able to share her little 4 wheeler with Lacey. :0) Were trying to teach her the concept of sharing. Looked like she was having fun!! It was great to see everyone!! We had a blast!!

Jason said...

We have a great video of Darik throwing Lindy with Jeff watching on. We have watched it like 20 times and laugh like crazy! That reunion was so fun!

Jeff and Mandy said...

I want to see the video! That pic makes Lindy look so dang high! No wonder it scared the crap out of her.... Great Post!


Jason said...

Kristin- we, your adoring fans, miss your blog posts. :( Where are you?

nana said...

We sure had fun and enjoy this Peterson Family don't we, aren't we lucky.

Farr Family said...

I love reunions! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. I love the watermelon eating contest!! Your family is so cute!! Glad you are all doing well!