Sunday, August 10, 2008


I think this is so funny. Last night after the kids were sleeping I was checking on them. I first went into Lydia's room and made sure the blankets were on her, then went into the twins room. They were fine. I changed into my PJ and then was heading back down stairs, when I looked in her room and found her lying in bed sleeping with a binky in her mouth. It is her cabbage patch dolls binky and I have no idea why she is sleeping with it. I thought it was so funny. I made Jason hurry and come look. He was laughing to. She is so funny. I guess I didn't see it the first time because she was on her side with her back to me. Lydia is so funny.


Liz said...

That is really funny! Maybe she waited until after you checked on her the first time and then thought she was in the clear and broke it out! She's a closet pacifier user!

Emily Heizer said...

LOL That's hilarious! Maybe Liz is right- she's got a secret habit! Did she even use a binky as a baby???

Shauna said...

Kristin, I love your blog! You'll have to check mine out and keep in touch :)