Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pirate Island

Here is the pictures of the twin's party at pirate Island! It was lots of fun and the twin's loved it!! Thanks everyone for coming and making the twin's party specail. I tryed to do specail things for there birthday since they have to share. I made them four shirts and we went to pirate Island. They are so happy they are four. Right now Luke is dressed up like a pirate (Thanks nana he loves his pirate stuff you gave him he loves it!) Lacey and Luke love money and they had the cutest faces when they open money!! Lacey got a wiggle car that was a huge hit! They all love it! (they all share it but it is Lacey) Lacey got two Little purses that she loves and been carrying around everywhere!! She got the highlighter taken away from her becasue she was starting to color on clothes and not just her little scriptures! They had a great day!! Thanks!
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