Thursday, July 8, 2010


We made a stop at Jeff's and Mandy's and they have this little kitten that Joseph loved to play with. He was following him everwhere. He wanted to play. It was so cute!!

Right before he went to taste his ear, and didn't like the fur. So cute!!

Joseph on the move!

Helping Grandma Ruth!
The girls coloring
Lacey enjoying the swing
Even Joseph enjoyed it!
It was cold and I didn't pack with any warm clothes. It had been so hot, who would have guess it was going to be so cold!

Joseph taking a bath!

We made a trip down to Monroe to be with Jason Aunt and Uncle and give our support to them. We were not able to make it to the funeral because Jason had to work. It was good to be there and let them know we cared. We had a little bit of fun while we were there as well.

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Linda said...

That is cute of Joseph and the Kitty! Poor kitty...