Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We started the day shopping. It was a big day. We had a second ultrasound to confirm that we were having a boy. Then we found a dresser for Luke's new room and then we went to ikea, where we found tons of things to help us organize our house. For Dinner this year we had a nice dinner at home. The kids went over to Jason's parents house. When Jason took the kids over he brought home some flowers. It was a nice surprise. I loved them!!   It was nice to relax at home and have some good food! The cake was supper good!! Everyone loved it!!!


Emily in Wonderland said...

Your display looks great and I love your be mine!

You know what really strikes me the most about the whole post? Check out that picture of all the kids with Nan. Don't Joey and Lace TOTALLY look alike in that picture? Apparently Joey and Johnathan aren't brothers after all! LOL Look at their teeth and their smile, Lacey and Joseph look like twins! I think your kids were born in the wrong order! lol

Chelsea said...

Just checkin in on your cute fam. We love you guys! Dave and I were just talking about what great parents you two are.

Keep it up Petersons!