Thursday, October 27, 2011


Jason with Luke and Lacey

Jason took Luke and Lacey hiking a couple of weeks ago, it was so pretty that they wanted us all to go, so we did. It was so pretty and loved the colors!! It was nice just to get up in the mountains. The two little boys didn't do well at all. Joseph had an infection and Jameson was just fussy. Jameson did better than Joseph for sure. I did pretty good considering I had ran 12 miles that morning. I run my race on Saturday. I hope it goes well!! Anyways, we are trying to be more active and we the kids love being outside!!


Amy said...

Go Kristi!! You look great and gosh, 12 mile runs. I am jealous. The most I can do is 4 miles...wish my knees would let me do more. Goodluck on Saturday!

Chelsea said...

You. Guys. Rock.