Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Half marathon

Me, trisha, Shirlene

 At the start! Shirlene and I

 While running!

I made it! I did my first half marathon!! It was hard and at the end I could barley stand up! Running for over 2 hours well just isn't something that I could do every day!! It was very nice to do it with Shirlene! We had prepared and I thought I was ready! But didn't practice running down hill, that was a problem. It about killed me! It was complete down hill! Shirlene stayed with me till about mile 6 but then we had to stop for traffic and I had a hard time going again, my legs killed if i walked or ran. I made it thou. I want to do another one that is more level and not so down hill. I was so sore for 4 days, I could hardly move!! I feel good now!!

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