Thursday, September 20, 2012

Luke and Lacey's Birthday!!

 Luke and Lacey turned 7!! We started the day off with pumpkin pancakes and yummy syrup!! They loved it!! Yummy!!

 Jason surprised them with coming home from work for a few minutes and bringing them balloons. It was a HUGE hit!!!

 Lacey and her makeup purse....which she loves.....she keeps putting on makeup!!!
 Luke and his whistles....pretty cool dude!!!

 opening up presents from Grammy and papa and Great Grandma and Grandpa Maughan. They couldn't make it to the party in the evening so they came over after lunch. It was great though. They had there celebration all day!!!
 Great Grandma
 Great Grandpa
 Grammy and the kids
 The new game!! Blokus, which they love!!

 putting together star wars lego together....they did great!

 playing blokus

 the cakes
 cute boy!!!

 opening gifts.....

 cute Jameson!! love him!!!

 making bracelets

Lacey and baby with the dresses that I made them!

They had a great day!! Full of fun!! I can't believe that they are already 7. They are growing up to fast!! Happy Birthday guys!!