Thursday, October 11, 2012

Goodbye Harris Family

 Jonathan came and spent the night. They got to watch star wars, and play together before they left.

 All the kids playing at Jessica's dinner shower. It was Shirlene and Dave's last night in Utah. We spent all day packing (Ok mostly the men) the truck. The house got all cleaned. It was good to see them again. Now they are gone:(
 Lydia reading:) she loves it!!

 Jameson and Gordon

 All the kids.....trying to get everyone to look in the right direction...

 Lydia and Lacey with baby Henry

 Shirlene and I

 Sarah and jojo
 Sarah and Lacey
 Lydia and Sarah

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Our Family said...

Thanks for the wonderful post. I have been thinking of you, it is hard to talk on the phone maybe on Thursday I can call and sykpe. I love you! Thanks for getting the mail while mom and dad where gone!