Monday, June 9, 2008

Lacey new Hair cut

Lacey before shot.
At first Lacey is very happy!!
Lacey is having a melt down and
I"m hugging her and making it all better.

Don't I look so cute!!
Lacey likes making funny faces!! Here is one of them.

We were at Church yesterday sitting behind this little girl who was about one year old and Lacey said that she wanted her Hair cut like that little girl. I asked her are you sure and she said yes. So I was planning to get her hair cut today because I didn't want to do it. Jason family came over last night for dinner, and we got talking about it, and Kate said that she could do it. So she did. Lacey was happy at first, but then as time went on, she had a hard time and a few melt downs. But she did great all and all. Kate did a great job. Lacey loves it and it looks cute!! I think that Lacey looks so different, in a good way. Thanks to Kate for doing it. I thinks its a great summer hair cut. It is so cute!!


Liz said...

Cute haircut!

Farr Family said...

I love her haircut. It looks so cute!

Cait said...

I love this little girl so much! Kristen your blog is the cutest blog I have ever seen! You cease to amaze me. I have a question: how do you add friends to your blog? I see that you have family and friends on there and I love to link to them. How do you do it?