Monday, June 9, 2008

Utah Lake

On Saturday, we went to Utah Lake and they had this event going on. I'm not sure what it was called but they had some kid games and booths of fishing and different things. The girls got there face painted but Luke would not have anything to do with it. Lydia got a butterfly face and Lacey got a flower. Luke and Lacey also won a fish. So we are proud owners of two fish. I hope that they don't live to long, but the kids love it. We went to the store and got some fish food, and now they get to take turns feeding the fish. We didn't get to stay that long, because I had a work meeting, but next year the kids will have lots of fun, and we will need to go early.


Emily said...

KRISTIN! Your hair and your make up and your outfit is SO SO CUTE! I am so jealous. AHHHHH!

You are adorable!


Don't wish ill-will on those fish! They deserve to live too!

And just to torment you, there was this guy on Craig's List who wrote an Ode to his Goldfish- who died at SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD!!!! They were just like the ones you got- the little cheapie 10 cents ones, and they lived 17 years!!! LOL

Have fun with the fish. LOL

Kristinlydia01 said...

Oh, well that is great. that makes me so happy!!