Monday, November 10, 2008

Emily's vist

Emily feet!
Mine are the pink with the brown flower!

I had tons of fun with Emily here last week. We did tons of fun things. We went to the Great Salt Lake and took some pictures of me in my Wedding dress.(Emily thought it would be fun, all in all it was fun) My dress was a little tight but the important thing was that she could zip it up!!!
WE made and eat tons of donuts! They were so good!! I eat too many! I think that it is our new tradition when she comes and vists to make donuts!! yummy!! We went shopping! Lots of fun shopping, the kids did great at the mall for 4 hours, after the fun at the mall we headed to BYU to see my mom and the bookstore where Emily got some fudged. We also had pedicures while she was here! It was so fun. I missed her right after I dropped her off at the aiport!! But, she is going to come back in a few month.(i think) Thanks Emily for making the trip out to see us!! The kids ask where is Emily!

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Emily Heizer said...

Oh my goodness! We are so cute! I love the pictures of me! I need them so I can steal them!!! That made no sense, ok whatever! WHEWHOO for donuts!

I miss my Kristin too!. :(