Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Launching Lindy

A couple of months ago I said that I would post this video clip when I figured out how to do it. Well I obviously figured it out, so here is the video from our family reunion in July of Darik throwing Lindy into the river with her dad, Jeff, there to catch her. This is some funny stuff.


Jeff and Mandy said...

Yeah, so Lindy thinks she's the coolest for her "flying acrobatics". She claims that it was fun now that enough time has passed and she can't remember how it scared the CRAP out of her!..... Do it again next summer uncle Darik?????

Anonymous said...

I was so worried that Mandy was just dying when Darik did that, but then I hear the comment she goes off the high dive, she is pretty brave. Darik doesn't know his strength, maybe either. That was a fun time with all our Peterson Clan.

Aunt Nan