Monday, August 24, 2009

6 weeks old

Today Joseph is 6 weeks old. He is getting so big. We weighed him yesterday and he is already 12 pounds. I can't believe how much he has filled out. He has a double chin and has some fat on his legs and his tummy. He is so cute!! He has started to smile but still has not smiled at me. Jason got a half smile out of him. Joseph makes the cutest noise, he purrs and is starting to find his voice. He has figured out how to get his hands in his mouth and to suck on them. It is so cute.

He is in need of a hair cut already. I can't believe it. Luke didn't have his first hair cut till he was about a year. Joseph loves his showers and his baths. He does great and loves to be clean. Although it doesn't last very long because he spits up a ton!! He likes his binky, which is great!! Joseph is a very content little guy, He loves to be held.

His brother and sisters love to hold him but he only lets them hold him for just a few short minutes till he is done. Lydia is such a little mommy. She loves that she can hold him and pick him up. She does great. She like that she do that and Luke and Lacey can't.

Joseph has slept through the night 5 times now, and I think that he will be from now on. He is such a good baby, and we love him alot. He fits into our family perfectly. I don't like to leave him even for a short time. I went to get a pedi and I had a hard time leaving him for an hour and a half. My dad was great and watched him at the mall so that if he needed me then he could be close. But he did great, and slept pretty much the whole time.

Joseph loves the sling, because then he is close to me and I can still get things done. It is the best! I highly recommened them. He falls right to sleep every time. The other day I was trying to make dinner and he was in his bouncer seat and being fussy and I put Lydia in charge of him to make him happy. She didn't want to be in there he just wanted to be held. Lydia said to me. Mom put him in the sling. She knew that he would be a happy camper if he was in his sling.

Joseph has spent a 6th of his life up at Bear Lake. He loves it up there, it is so relaxing! He does great. He sleeps and eats and just is content with life up there and everywhere. I will post a picture of him today a little later. We love little Jospeh so much!! He is the best.

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