Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween 2009

So I know I have been slacking on blogging, but I have been busy. It is only the 3rd week in November. Oh well. I didn't make any costumes this year, we just used what we had. I got to have a break since I had Joseph but Next year will be awesome. We are already planning. It will be good. You will have to wait and see. Here are the cute kids. They had lots of fun going trick or treating and got lots of candy. It is all gone! Yeah I'm happy about that!! It was warm this year so they didn't have to wear coats. Oh yeah. Lydia was sick on Halloween, that was sad. But Jason pushed her in the stroller up to every door so she wouldn't miss out. What a good Daddy!! I need to get some pictures of my dad's camera because I don't have all the group shots. Lydia and Lacey were Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Luke was a firefighter, Joseph was a bear, and Jason was a rocker and I was a witch.


Linda said...

That is a cute family picture!

Dave said...

That is one sexy rock star