Monday, November 30, 2009

Update on Joseph

I can't believe my little Joseph is already four months old. He is so cute. He is smiling all the time. He loves his brother and sisters. He is very good at holding his head up. He does great on tummy time. He is learning to push and can get his body on it side for a few seconds. Joseph loves his hands. He doesn't like his binky much anymore. He just likes his hands, he will take the binky sometimes but it is not his first choice.

He is so cute when he laughs! He is a great sleeper at night. He sleeps through the night. He goes to bed about 9pm and gets up about 7- 7:30. Joseph is very tall, and a very happy baby. He is so cute we love him tons.

He has found his voice and loves to talk and make noises.

On Saturday night Joseph rolled over from his tummy to his back 4 times in a row. He did great. Jason was at the BYU football game while he rolled over. (and I was at my parents watching the game on TV) When Jason got home he wanted to see him roll over and so Jason put Joseph on his tummy and he did it for Jason. Jason was so happy that he could see him roll over. Jason was holding Joseph and then asked me if I checked the mail. I said no so he layed Joseph on his back. I was in the Family room then I noticed Joseph was on his tummy. I asked Jason if he put him on his back and he said yes. Then I said he just rolled from his back to his tummy. He hasn't done it again since. What a big boy!! That was the 28th of November.

He are some pictures from the big event!

So now Joseph can roll over, and I'm pretty sure that he is teething too, but so far no teeth yet!!
Joseph is just getting over being sick. We had a few really bad nights. I'm so glad he is feeling better and we can all get some better sleep around here. Thank goodness Jason was so great and would take him down stair in the middle of the night and stay up with him so I could get some sleep. We took turns. thanks sweetie!!

Joseph Loves his exersaucer that his auntie Emily bought him while she was here! He is so happy in it. Loves to be able to rock in it! It is the best thing ever! Thanks so much Emily!!

Joseph loves to be held and while you are holding him he loves to rock back and forth. I'm pretty sure he has started doing since he has gotten the exersaucer. What a big boy. We go to the doctor on Wednesday for his check up and i can't wait to see how much he weights.


Linda said...

He totally knows how to roll... No more leaving him on the bed... Love ya!!

Landmark Lighting said...

He is so cute!

Emily Heizer said...

He's so cute! I love him!!! I am so glad he loves his exersaucer. See, you know I am psychic, I knew exactly what he needed!! he looks so happy in it! He is so cute!