Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 Getting ready to eat dinner

 Cute boys


 Sitting by the fire ready to do smores!!

 Settling in for the night!

 cooking breakfast
 playing ball

 on our hike,
 Daddy and jojo

 So done. Jason said it was this easy hike, it so wasn't easy!! I don't know what he was talking about. Maybe if I was in shape and had not just given birth a month before that it would have been easy. It was so hot and not my brightest moment of the camping trip!

 All done waiting to eat lunch!! SO happy to be done!!

 Joseph got dirty so fast!! He had a blast!!
 Playing Bing bag toss
 Lydia and kate

 looking for butterflies.
 they got one! Lacey was so happy!!!

 Cooling off, it was hot!!

 getting a ride from uncle brady

 My parents came up the second night to have tin foil dinners with us!

 playing soccer.

 jojo getting to play more soccer

We went camping for two night back in July. We had lots of fun. Brady and Kate came up the second day and we had lots of fun. My parents came for dinner the second night. We had lots of fun. We didn't have enough shade. It was so hot but cold at night. It was night just to get away!!

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