Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seven Peaks

 Joseph getting ready to get in the water.
 playing in the water

 Luke coming down the slide
 The three kids playing
 Lacey plugging her nose
 lydia is going so fast!!
 Cute lacey
 Great pose Luke
 Going on the mat ride


 Having fun in the water

 Lacey being cute!

 Luke getting ready to go down the slide
 Watching the kids me sleepy!! Jameson is taking a nap
 Jason and Joseph

We have passes to seven peaks. We went there alot this summer!!! The kids had a blast! This day was the first day that we stayed a long time. Jason came with us, we had a shade, and it was a blast. (July 29th)

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Shelly Beth said...

Aw, thanks for celebrating my birthday at Seven Peaks :) Haha. Looks like fun!