Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seattle part 2

 Amanda with Luke and Lacey at the lighthouse

 Lacey and mommy- so cute I love this picture!!
 Up in the lighthouse

 Joseph playing on the grass with Dude! He loves to play with him. Dude doesn't like it very much but Joseph sure does!!

 Lacey and Amanda on the water.

 Us Girls
 Our family

 Getting off the fairy
 Jason was the last one out with the Lydia and Luke. All the people have to be off before the cars can unload. The man wasn't happy that they took so long, that is why they are running.

 On the bus in this little town we visited.
 Kate and Lydia

 Jo Jo going for a ride!

 Cody and Annie eating Ice cream

 Looking at the water

 Joseph loves balls!! He is so happy!!

 We did lots of things in Seattle. They feel asleep in the car!!

sweet boy!

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Amy said...

What a fun trip. I have to share this with you...whenever Drew sees Jason in pictures he says, "There's Spiderman!" I thought it was just a one time thing, but no, he says it every time.