Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seattle part 3

 We went to pikes place market. We had lots of fun looking at different things. Jason had an allergic reaction while we were there because of something he eat. He took some benadryl to help with it.

 Big Fish

 The girls looking at the fish, not sure about it or the smell

 Amanda and Lydia fish face

 Back at camp Joseph playing with ladder ball. He loves balls

 Darik swimming with the kids

 Jason Kayaking

 Joseph really wanted to get in the water! So Jason took him out but once he got in it was pretty cold!

 Lacey sitting on the shore watching. The water was a little too cold for her!!

 The girls in the Kayak
 No hands
 observing from the shore

 Lacey didn't like Jason feet on the kayak, she was not a happy camper!!

 Blowing bubbles

 Joseph loved the bubbles!!


 More bubbles

 The morning we were packing up to leave, us girls wanted to go Kayaking, It was cold and we had a blast!!

 Lydia took the pictures She did a pretty good job!

 Right before we left Jason popped the hood and found this nest there. It built it fast!!

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