Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vancouver part 2

 Gelato place. It had tons of different flavors! Tons of people. Loud music playing. very expensive

 Vancouver night line by Olympic village

 our family


 playing in the water

 Raccoon was so close to Jason. It wanted food, and I was freaking out because it was getting so close to Jason. crazy raccoon's!

 On our way home we stopped and spent the night at Jason's aunt and uncle's house.

 On the drive home. We drove straight home from seattle all in one day. We got home supper late, but we were able to sleep in our own bed. The kids did great on the drive. We were the first ones home and we had all the kids and the rest of Jason family didn't have any little ones. We beat them by 2 hours or so.

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Emily said...

Yeah I bet you beat them home! Look at those hooligans and that baby Jojo howling in the backseat! I'd be speeding down the highway too! LOL