Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Eve

 Lunch at Cafe Paesan with Jason family.

 helping Amanda with her phone

 playing on the computer
 Our cute boy

 Nana reading to the kids

 Papa reading to Joseph
 signing christmas songs

 Joseph playing the piano

 Playing chimes

 Opening there chirstmas Pj's

 Christmas eve was lots of fun.  We started the afternoon at lunch with Jason's family at cafe Paesan. Then we make a quick stop at smiths then headed over to his parents house to hang out for a bit. After that we went over to my parents house for mexican food. We had great food!! Then we sang Christmas songs and then played chimes. We have not played chimes in a while cause the kids were too little but this year they wanted to and they did a great job!!! Then our kids opened there Pj's. Joseph was big but so so dang cute!!! He was so cute in them. What a sweet boy!! Then we headed home! Great times, then we got ready for Santa to come!

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