Friday, January 7, 2011


 Christmas morning at our house. We all got snow shoes for Christmas from Santa. We are all so excited to try them out. We are going today. They kids are so excited!!! My parents and Grandparents came over to see what the kids got from Santa! Fun!
 over at Nana and Papa house

 Our cute boy!!

 Joseph really liked opening all the presents!! He was great this year!

 Jason using the popper on his head.

 Lydia pretty new shirt

 Luke in the box!

 Lydia with her barbie, that she just loves!!

 Lacey and her little mermaid barbie

 Joseph just loves his truck!!

 Our favorite new game! The kids love playing it!! Lydia is getting very good at it!!! A great family game!!

 Joseph helping himself to food.
 The girls playing with beth barbies.

 Luke as Joseph

We had a great day!! It was great being all together with our families!! Merry Christmas!!!

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Emily said...

You look so skinny! I love your top!

Okay, Joseph's outfit is the cutest pair of pajamas I have ever seen in my life. He looks like he walked out of the cat in the hat. I would never think looking at something like that on the rack that it would be that freaking adorable on his body, but HOLY COW! I want to smother him in kisses!!!! :D You should make him wear that ever day!