Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Joseph Harrison

I can't believe that Joseph is 2 years old. Time has gone by so fast!! He is such a little man. I wish that he could communicate better, but I guess with time he will get better. He signs lots of different stuff, but he hasn't been so good as of lately on signing.

Joseph has a LOVE of hats. Not all little kids like hats, but Joseph has to wear one every day. He would like to take naps and go to bed with it on, but I make him take it off.

Joseph loves balls and being outside. He wants to go outside all the time. He thinks that he is bigger than he is, he wants to do to do whatever the big kids do.

Joseph is great at giving kisses to his mom and dad and Jameson. He gives kisses to other people if he feels like it. Jojo is a great cuddler, which I love. He loves to be held and it so cute!!

Joseph loves to go in the truck or in the van to go places.

Joseph loves little Jameson. He wants to hold him all the time and loves to say ME ME.

Joseph has a special love of men, especially his dad! He loves to be with Jason. He wants to do whatever he does. 

Joseph is very good at posing and smiling for pictures.

Joseph is such a good little boy and we love him lots!!! Happy Birthday JoJo!

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Linda said...

JoJo Happy Birthday! To our happy birthday boy! We love you!! Grammy and PaPa!