Monday, July 11, 2011

July 2nd celebrations

 Our day started at the balloon festival. The kids really enjoyed seeing all the balloons. The highlight was the star wars balloon.

 Wait for the balloons to go up in the air

  Joseph a little unsure about it!

 In the afternoon we went to Jason's Aunt Val's house for a BBQ. The kids had fun playing in the water, and jumping on the tampoline, and being with there aunts and uncles. We had fun chatting with family.

 Joseph with Aunt Amanda

 Lacey jumping high having fun!

 Lydia having fun on the tramp

 Luke showing off

 Throwing water balloons
 Brady holding Jameson
 eating homemade Ice cream
 Joseph and Amanda getting people wet. Joseph loved it!

 getting Darik

 Taking a ride

 Getting ready for our bike ride over to the stadium to enjoy the fireworks. We rode our bikes there and then drove home. It was nice not to have to come home in the dark on our bikes.

It was a long day but filled with fun!! The kids did great!!

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