Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jason's first post

OK, so here is my first attempt at posting on this-here bloggy thingy-majig. Not much has changed since Kristin's last blog. She's still going to school, with only one mid-sized nervous breakdown that she has had to deal with. I'm sure it is only the first of many to come :). The kids have actually done pretty well with Mom's absence. It has been nice that I have a job where I can schedule my work shifts around her school schedule so that we can have at least one of us around for the kids. We are also blessed to have Kristin's and my parents around to help watch the kids once a week while I'm working and she's in school.

My brother Darik is leaving to Afghanistan later this month with his National Guard unit. He will be gone for a little over a year. It kind of stinks, because he was just gone from January to October of last year to Monterey CA for linguistics school. The kids have loved having him around, and I know they will really miss him while he's gone this time around. No one plays with the kids quite as much as Darik does, so he has quickly become a favorite play-mate. We will all miss him and pray that he will be protected while he's gone.
Isn't that a cute pic of Luke sleeping with his Spidey?


Liz said...

Great job on your first post Jason! Keep em' coming!

Farr Family said...

Good job! Can't wait for more posts from you!

Amy Amann said...

Awesome job Jason. It is really easy, it is just finding the time to post is the tricky part!

Ali said...

Jason- great first post ;) I will expect more like these! Sad that your brother will be leaving, we will say a prayer for him.