Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Strom

Playing in the snow
Lydia with the ducks!!

Yesterday it was storming, and Jason wanted to go out in it, so did Luke and Lydia. Lacey and I stayed home and cleaned, how fun. It was so windy and cold. They went down to the river trail and had so much fun!! When they got home they had some hot chocolate to warm them up. They all said that there cheeks were cold, but they had a blast anyways.


Linda said...

How cute! Jason is a great dad! Love, Grammy

Liz said...

They are crazy to go out in that weather! Although I think when I was little, I liked to go out in smow storms too. Definitely not anymore though! Way to go on the daily posts!

Hansen Fam said...

I love Lydia's jacket. I sometimes wish we had snow to play in!