Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lacey’s big makeup adventures

Lacey has always loved makeup; she always wants to get makeup on, especially my lipstick. She thinks that it is great. Well, on Friday evening we went over to my parent’s house and lacey found so makeup in the spare bathroom. She found black eyeliner and had it all over her nose and her eye. It was pretty funny. Then yesterday we were back at my parents house my mom and I were making hair bows and Lacey and Luke were gone, so I went to find them, well Lacey had found My mom Lipstick that stays on all day long, she had it all over her lips and her chin. I tried to get it off, but it doesn’t come off, it has to wear off, so she had it on all day, and she still has some on today, but it is lots less than yesterday. It is a good thing, because she has to go to church and she would look pretty funny with all that lipstick on. Hopefully I will be able to get it off before church.

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Liz said...

Did you take any pictures? We'd love to see!