Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last Day with Darik

On Monday we spent the day with Darik and with the rest of Jason family. We had lots of fun playing the train game, Disney seen it, and Ark of the Covenant. The kids had lots of fun playing with there Aunt and uncles. They had so much fun. They already miss Darik so much. Lydia has started praying that Darik will come home safely, when she turns five. I think it is so sweet. Lydia has also started praying for Amanda that she will meet a nice boy. She started saying that in her prayer yesterday in all her prayers all by herself, she came up with that. How precious is that?

Darik and Luke having fun together. Luke likes
it when Darik rough houses with him.

This is Lacey making her scary face. She started
doing this a few days ago, it is so cute.
Here is us at Cafe Rio, man it was good food!

Here are the kids sleeping on the way home because they were so tired from playing. Here is Luke with his Spiderman after he got back in bed. We love you Darik and will miss you lots. The Kids pray for you. Be safe, and come home soon!! Darik is leaving for Afghanistan for a year; he is in the National Guard.


Emily said...

Oh, I hope he comes home safely too! That could be scary! At least it is only a year! Plus he's cute! LOL

Have Lydia add me to her "Meet a Nice Boy" prayer list.


Farr Family said...

I love the kids asleep in the car!! They must have had so much fun.