Saturday, February 9, 2008

When it rains it poors

Tonight was quite the night. I was at my parent’s house this afternoon and then it was time to come home to fix dinner so it would be ready when Jason got off work. So I told the kids on the way home that I needed there help, I was going to hurry in the house and I asked them to come in quickly, they all said that they would. I was in the kitchen, the door to the garage was open then all of the sudden I hear Luke screaming, I running out there and his thumb is stuck in the automatic sliding door. I tried to open the door, but it wouldn't open and I ran inside and got the clicker to open the door, it opened and then the blood started coming fast. I hurry and got a towel and raped it put pressure, then called my dad with one hand. He was on his way to the church with my mom for a meeting, so they were over in a minute, I showed them, and they said that I need to take him in to get stitches, yep it way this huge, deep gash on this thumb at the base, by his palm. So I called Jason at work and asked him weather to take him to the ER or urgent care, he said urgent care, so my dad took Luke and I to the urgent care. Jason meet us there after he got off work. Luke got 7 stitches, and he was such a champ. He was being to tuff, even though it hurt way bad.
My mom had the girls. While I guess my Grandma ended up watching them so she could go to the meeting. While they were there, Lacey got into some of my great Grandmas pills. My grandma felt so bad, she called poison control and they talk to her. She took some pills that make her way tired and very limp, her eyes are constricted and she is now sleeping. They said it could last 20-40 hours. So the twins had quiet the night. I hope that we are done for a while.
We have some pictures on Jason phone of Lukes gash, but I will try to figure out how to transfer them. I will post in the morning of his bandaid. It is pretty cool.


Liz said...

Sound like quite the night!

zana said...

oh my gosh...i feel so bad you guys..especially luke..sounds like out of a movie....

Julie Jan said...

Oh my gosh!! What a night! Glad everyong is ok!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness! I have been offline for only a few days and there is new blog after new blog after new blog from you!!! AHHH!!!

I haven't even finished reading them all!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad Lacey is doing good on her potty training!

Oh my goodness LUkey's hand is a mess! What a big boy he must have been to be tough through all of it! How scary!

I can't believe Lacey tried to poison herself! That is alot of drama for ONE DAY!!!!


YAY! Shirlene had her baby! I will have to go check out her blog and watch for names!!! :)