Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Luke's hand

Here are the pictures from the urgent care. He is doing better, but he babies that hand and won't do anything with it. He is so cute about it. He says that he can't use that hand because he has an owee on it.


the DeCampos Family said...

OK that it seriously the sadest thing. He was probably in so much pain. I hope that he is felling lots better. And you were probable freaking out!

Shelly Beth said...

Aw. How sad! I am sure it hurt, but doesn't it make you die inside. I wonder what shenanigans Isabelle and "the others" will get into eventually. Hope it heals soon!

Kristy said...

Poor Luke. He looks tough, I don't see that many tears!! He looks so much like Jason. Hope everyone is doing well. We need to get together sometime. We just bought Guitar Hero for our Wii. We should totally get together and have a little Wii Party!! :0)