Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Last night when we put Luke down for bed, he was having a really hard time going to sleep. He was crying and crying, and I would go check on him and then he would settle down, but then he would start up again. Finally, one time I went up to check on him he said that his ear hurt, and I knew that he had an ear infection. So I called the after hours clinic and arranged to bring him in. I made it about 9:30 and we were in and out within a 1/2 hour. They said that he had an ear infection. So, I had to go to Rite Aid to get the prescription and we were home by 11. What a week Luke has had. Poor guy. I hope his cold goes away and he will get feeling better. Today he has been great, playing like nothing wrong. He is a great little boy.


Liz said...

Your kids must think you don't have enough to do or something and that they need to keep you busy!

Shelly Beth said...

Well, Isabelle has an ear infection now too! I took her to the doctor yesterday. She hasn't been eating (doesn't want to lay and breastfeed) and screams bloody murder when we put her to bed - she normal doesn't do that. Took her in yesterday and she weighed only 2 oz. more than her 6 month apt. Scary! She is already so small to begin with. Anyways, now she has been on meds for almost 24 hours and is doing MUCH better. Anyways, glad Luke is feeling better now too.