Friday, March 21, 2008


Last night we dyed Easter Eggs, so that the Easter bunny could come last night. We decorataed the eggs after Jason got home from work last night. The Easter bunny came last night as well. Jason has to work on Saturday and Sunday so we did it this morning. The kids were so happy. Lacey got new Dora underwear, Luke got some more train tracks, and Lydia got the movie Enchanted. They are very happy with what they got. They were so cute. They also all got shoes/sandals. They look so cute in them. Here are some pictures.


Emily said...

Easter Thursday?!

The bunny hasn't been to my house yet. I don't think he's coming this year. Perhaps the Easter Kitty will come?? They are both white and fluffy! Tootie carries quarters in his teeth- maybe he is saving up to buy me an easter present! Or a birthday present!

Liz said...

Looks like fun!

zana said...

what a fun easter!! all of your kids are adorable...i love looking at your blog and seeing all the cute things they do!! miss ya tons...we have to catch up soon when were both in california! xoxox


the DeCampos Family said...

They look like they did a good job on the eggs and no messes. Lydia looks too cute in the last picture. Her smile is too cute!!