Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well, Luke didn't do too hot at all, so he is back in diapers. He wants the Candy, so once in a while he will sit on the potty. He has peed on the potty 3 times. After the second time he went on the potty not two minutes later he peed on the couch (thank goodness for the slipcovers) then 5 minutes later he peed tons all over the tile. So by that point I said no more, and put him in a diaper and told him if he wanted to go on the potty I would put him on the potty, but he had to wear a diaper. He carries around his underwear in hope that I will put it back on him. But he needs to wait a little longer.


Amy & Ryan said...

Poor Luke. Potty Training can be so difficult. Can I send Drew over when he is ready?! So I found those bagels and cream cheese at Walmart but was hesitant on the bagels. Here in AZ they are refrigerated and kind of hard. Were yours that way? Just wondering. I like my bagels nice and soft and fresh. Can't wait to try the cream cheese for breakfast!

Kristinlydia01 said...

The bagels I got you didn't have to refrigerate them. They are nice and soft and yummy!!

marciekump said...

Don't worry. Boys just take longer to get it. Landon and Blake were both completely trained by 3. So, I am sure it won't be too much longer. At least he wants to try! That's good.