Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kristin's Birthday dinner

On Tuesday evening we celebrated my 25th Birthday. Jason took me to the Red Lobster on Tuesday because on Wednesday Jason and I both had to work, so Tuesday worked better for us. It was great not to have the kids there. Even though I love them tons, it was nice to be just Jason and I were we could talk and enjoy each other. Nan was so nice and watched them for us. WE went to an early dinner because Nan had Relief society and we could be back by then if we went early, so that is what we did. Man, the food was so good. We had coconut shrimp and a specialty drink for starters. It was to so good. I could eat it all the time. Then I had garlic gilled Shrimp with broccoli and a baked potato. It was so good. Jason had a three shrimp trio thing, he really enjoyed it. It was so perfect. Oh, you can’t forget the biscuit, they are wonderful.


MM said...

I hope that is a virgin (non-alcoholic) margarita!

Christina said...

MMMMM looks yummy! Happy be-lated birthday!!! I totally meant to email you but lost track of the date (it happens when you never have to really write it down much)

Amy & Ryan said...

That drink is so awesome. It looks absolutely delicious. Glad you had a great birthday and have such an awesome husband!