Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BYU game

I know I'm slow getting my post up but we went to the first BYU game of session. It was lots of fun, a little scary becasue of all the fumbles and it was hot!! I can't wait to go to the game on saturday because it will be a great game(I hope). I got a new hat and it did a good job to keep the sun out of my face, afterall that is what they are meant for. We went with Jeff and Morgan. It was good that we won!! GO COUGARS!!! I can't for all of the games!! We are huge fans and have session tickets with Jeff and Mandy!!! Yeah!!


Emily said...

Whewhoo! Lots of fun, I love going to games! (But I do USC. =) )

I was teasing Vince and referring to myself as cougar because I am a whole 7 months older than him, and he starts busting up and said I was only a cougar because of the BYU affiliation. LOL

Chelsea said...

Man, you guys are such losers!...Okay, I lied, you are pretty much the funnest family ever, and we miss you! Call us, losers! (I don't mean to call US "losers", I mean YOU are the losers, and you should call us!

Jeff and Mandy said...

36 hours to go! Go BYU! See you guys tomorrow! Thanks for always being willing to put us up at your house!


the DeCampos Family said...

How fun. I love going to football games. I love all the new posts.

Get Vinyl! said...

Hey Kristen. Give me a call so I can give you a list of things I stole from you last weekend and will be returning. Also, did you get my message on Jason's phone about that program. Let me know how much I owe you if you got it. We had tons of fun this weekend. You guys are great!


Megan said...

That looks like so much fun. I remember when we used to go to the games. Sigh. Memories.