Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More bear Lake fun

Lydia loved swimming so much!! She realized that she could float in her lifejacket and she loved the freedom it gave her. She was swimming laps back and forth in the pool by the end of our trip. The first day we were there we had the pool all to ourselves it was so nice!! We made Lydia float in her life jacket and you would have thought we were killing her by the way she was freaking out!!!! But then she calmed down and she started liking it a little bit, but the next day she liked it more and more!! After that, all she wanted to do was to swim in the big pool. Lacey on the other hand has never been that fond of cold water, but absolutely loved the baby pool. She loved that and the the hot tub!! She was so happy in the water, it was great. Luke loved the water as usual!! They all did great!!


Our Family said...

I think that your talking about Lacey next but it says Lydia 2xs- that are some cool pics of Luke!

Emily said...

Those first two pictures of Jason and the kids in the water all lined up is ADORABLE!

Lydia is so big. Are they going to do swim lessons next year? They're all old enough.

That cut on Luke's head is nasty. Glad they got it taken care of so quick, that's such a rareity!!!