Friday, September 19, 2008

Luke and Lacey's Big Day!!!

I can not believe that my babies are 3 today!! I guess they are not babies anymore!! So much has changed in the last year as they grew from 2 to 3. They are no longer in diapers, cribs, use sippy cups, there isn’t any more toddler story time and they don’t want to be held as much. They started preschool, they talk so better than last year, and play great together (most of the time!!). They found things that they actually enjoy doing, like play dough, coloring, being read too, and playing with Lydia.

Lacey loves wearing dresses and putting makeup on. She loves having her hair done. She is a little mommy to her babies, and baby Sarah who she thinks is a doll sometimes and not a real baby. (But Sarah is very good about it.) Lacey loves to change her clothes a few times a day so she can dress up. She loves sweets of all kinds, and gum (but she never really gets gum from me!) She can have attitude out of nowhere and give dirty looks and then you tell her that is not nice she smiles like she didn't do anything wrong.

A few months ago she told me that she wanted her hair cut like this other little girl at church so we did!! What little 2 year old says that she wants her hair like someone else? She is very good at memorizing things and picks things up quickly! She is so funny and loves to help me.

Lacey weighs 27 pounds as of yesterday (I weighed her at weight watchers when I was there). They go to the doctor at the end of the month, so then I will know how tall she is, till then.

I love Lacey very much!!

Luke is all boy and LOVES to do whatever Lydia is doing. Luke loves Thomas the Train, balls, Spiderman, tools, being with his daddy and loves to watch the Star Wars movies.(Jason got him to like them and he will ask to watch them.) Luke likes to help (till he is done!) Luke is talking better and trying not to whine as much. Luke loves to be outside playing with his scooter or swing. He likes to play in the rocks or down in the dirt, and loves to swim.

He has had to go to the doctor for two accidents this last year, once for his thumb that he shut in the van door and then other for his forehead. Luke falls alot so I'm surprised that we are not there more often!

He loves to be around boys and men. He doesn't like getting his haircut or done. Luke is starting to pick out his clothes and he loves the independence that brings. Luke is learning how to dress himself, slowly but surely he will make it!! Luke is a sensitive little guy, and is growing up every day! He is so cute!!

I love him very much!!

This is me at the baby shower 3 weeks before I delivered!!

At the hospital waiting
Jason and I right before the twins were born
My Mr. Luke
My little Lacey
Me with the twins

I was thinking about when they were born. We went to the doctor’s office and I was 38 weeks (I thought that I was going die!) Dr. Wolsey said that they could induce me that day or wait until the next week. Oh, I was happy to have it done that day!!

We went over to the hospital and they started an IV and Pitocin, and I sat there and waited. At about 1:00pm Dr. Wolsey broke my water- oh that was not fun, I didn't like it. I still was just laying there waiting. About 4:00 pm I told the nurse that I tthought I was starting to feel something so I wanted my epidural and I got it and then it was smooth sailing after that. No pain!! It was great, never felt one contraction or anything. I guess that is one of the payoffs of being HUGE and uncomfortable for so many months. I was rewarded with NO PAIN DURING LABOR!!

Anyways, my mom and dad stopped by on the way home from work to see how I was doing. I was great just waiting, waiting and waiting. They were debating on whether to go home and get some dinner or just to stay and wait. I said that I'm sure you are fine to go eat and then to come back after. Well, they left and then the nurse came and checked me and I was complete and ready to push! I quickly called my mom and she just got to my Grandmas house for dinner. I said that it was time! Then they wheeled me back to the OR and then they got all set up. (It was weird being back there, because with Lydia I just was in the labor rooms, but with twins they make you deliver in the OR just in case something goes wrong they can do a c-section quick. My doctor said that if Lacey wouldn't come out that he wouldn’t hesitate to take her via c-section.)

Once they got all set up I gave two pushes and little Luke Jason came out healthy and beautiful at 7 pounds 4 oz. But Lacey’s head wasn’t down and so they had to turn her. She was way up high by my ribs so it took a bit to get her in the head-down position. The doctor had to use forceps to turn her. Then her heartbeat started to drop. My doctor said that you have one push to get her out or he would do a c-section… But sure enough 9 minutes after Luke, Lacey Kristin came out healthy and beautiful at 6 pounds 15 oz. She had big beautiful blue eyes, but now they don't look as big. They were both healthy and crying. It was amazing!! I loved them so much!!

Then after they finished everything, they wheeled us back to our room. I expected everyone to be there but they weren't so I called my mom and asked where they were at. They were all in the waiting room waiting, and they didn't expect us to be that fast. Then they all came in. My family and Jason’s family was there. It was great. When my mom came in I was holding both of them and she said that I didn't look like I had just given birth. It was great and such a fun time, with our babies that I had waited so long to meet. Our families loved having two babies to hold, because then they didn't have to share- they each could have one to hold!

I love the twins so much I would not trade it for anything. They are so special.
They have been great to love and take care for the last three years!!

I love them so much!!


Emily said...

Awww they are so cute and your stories are great. It's so good of you to memorialize your memories on special days like birthdays.

Happy Birthday to Luke and Lacey!

Hope the party was fun- save me some cake!

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Luke and Lacey! Great post looking back over the last 3 years!

Lynnette said...

Happy Birthday, Luke and Lacey! We were thinking of you yesterday :) (And you too, Kristin!)
We love you,
Uncle Daniel and Aunt Lynnette

Lynnette said...

P.S. I love your family picture! It is so cute!!!

Shelly Beth said...

This was a great post! I am so glad you shared this. We need to talk sometime. When is good for you? We still have our cell phones, so anytime that doesn't eat our minutes is great - nights or weekends. Unless you have verizon, then it is free anytime.

Linda said...

You wrote that up so nice. You will be glad you spent the time to do that! You are a wonderful Mom! I love you! :)

Christina said...

Wow! Happy birthday Luke and Lacey! They are so cute!

Matt and Mandy said...

Wow, twins! You are amazing! And 3-year-old twins, that's double trouble! I am still trying to convince myself that I can handle 3 kids! You look gorgeous! Looks like you're still in Utah, we should get together sometime. I've been meaning to try out Max and Cheese in Orem, we should do lunch. See ya!